“What sort of payment plans do you have for farm laborers?” asked the pig.

“I beg your pardon?” said Sales Associate Jim Crowscroft of Johnston Home Furnishings.

“I have a limited budget, and I’d like to make sure that I can have a structured payment plan if I buy something here today,” said the pig in reply.

“But…you’re a pig,” said Jim.

“Well if you don’t want my business, you shouldn’t solicit it,” the pig huffed and puffed all the way to the front door and out.

“What’s going on here?” Jim asked his boss, Senior Sales Associate Dale Shackleton. “That’s the fifth pig we’ve had in the store today.

“I think I have a hunch,” said Dale. He handed Jim a copy that that week’s ad in the Thrifty Shopper.

It appeared to be the usual and standard Johnston Home Furnishings ad, complete with their signature “Furnishings guaranteed to fit your style” tagline. But there had clearly been a printing error; the tagline read instead “Furnishings guaranteed to fit your sty.”

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