CORVUS the Renaissance Plague Doctor
Real Name: Connor Hofstadter

Corvus is manic and energetic, which is not a good match with his delicate mask and its tendency to imapir his breathing. He believes himself to be silent but is in fact quite noisy. He’s also extremely opinionated, even hypocritical, about the others’ costumes.

SQUIDS the Clown
Real Name: Emilee Verde

Squids is depressed, sarcastic, and deeply introverted–exactly the opposite of what one would expect from a classic clown but exactly what one would expect from a post-Joker clown. She wants to be more outgoing and friendly and wears the makeup to that end, but is nevertheless deeply ribbed for attempting a disguise that seems so done-to-death.

BUCKEROO the Cowpoke
Real Name: Bruno Rodriguez

Buckeroo is not a gaucho, and not a vaquero, despite being called such. He’s quick to point out the historical, cultural, and literary context for his disguise and hates being associated with the modern glitzy Texas cowboy. Trying desperately to learn how to ride despite a total lack of balance and poise.

JANGLE the Pirate
Real Name: Marcus Washington Jr.

Jangle chose his name completely independent of the fried chicken chain and the famous dancer, trying to evoke the jingling sound of his many flashy pirate acoutrements. This does not stop people from making the latter assumption and looking at him askance. He is also in the fencing club.

SUZUKI the Ninja
Real Name: Annabelle Li

Suzuki is Chinese and her grandparents speak Cantonese at home. Her disguise tends to confuse people because they mistake her for a Japanese nisei, which she is quick to dismiss. As for the traditional animosity between China and Japan, she insists that her disguise is based on the ideal of a ninja, not the way they actually behaved.

GREAVES the Knight
Real Name: Lakshmi Gupta

If Suzuki disguize confuses people, Greaves’s outright bamboozles them. She simply insists that she has an affinity for the knights of fantasy lore, with their sparkling armor and cruciform swords, and that this is in no way incompatible with her Bengali heritage. Perhaps the most proficient of the group, she is an SCA member and can swordfight and ride with a reasonable degree of skill.

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Sir Kaele harrumphed at the sight. A motley bunch of people occupying–no, sullying–the Royal Gardens. Their incessant lute music and off-key singing had kept the king and his ministers up all night, and they showed no signs of dispersing despite being doused with water from the royal bucket brigade and attacked with rubber swords.

Riding up to them on his magnificent courser Runcibelle, Sir Kaele addressed the interlopers: “By order of His Majesty, you are hereby required to desert the royal property immediately!”

One of the people approached him. The squatter’s tunic was bright with swirling colors, and his hair hung long and corded. “Whoa, man,” he said. “You can’t OWN property.”

“Maybe not as a penniless serf like yourself,” sneered Kaele. “Why do you persist in this behavior even when faced with His Majesty’s finest vassals?”

“We are here to peacefully protest the so-called king’s hunting practices,” the man said. “The harvesting of venison and wild boar for feasting iis unsustainable and will lead to the depletion of all animal life in the kingdom!”

“We’re also here to protest the so-called king’s sexist hiring practices,” said a nearby wench in the same spiral-colored regalia. “We demand that men be allowed to work as serving-wenches and women be allowed to work as falconers!”

“And don’t forget about free sexual congress!” cried another.

“And the right to have our apprenticeships paid for by the so-called king!”

“And the taxation of the guilds to keep them from interfering in the political process!”

“The abolition of the knighthood, which eats up so much of our kingdom’s budget!”

“And the replacement of the so-called monarchy with a system of elective and representative government!”

“Here,” said the first speaker, handing Sir Kaele a parchment. “It’s all on this 227-point petition.”

Kaele glanced over it. “How do you expect the king to grant all these requests if he is also to abdicate?” he cried.

“Anything is possible with love.” The squatter approached Kaele and wound a flower around the hilt of his sword.

With a thunderous harrumph, Kaele rode back toward his men.

“What orders, my lord?” his squire said.

“Ready the heavy cavalry,” Kaele said. “We charge at my command.”

Inspired by the song ‘Beatniks a GO GO’ by Hiroki Kikuta, released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

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