“Ultimately,” says Dr. Horace Uuuurnggghh, chair of Sasquatch Studies at the University of the Pacific Northwest, “there are very few positive portrayals of sasquatch in media. We feel that is reductive, and we are trying to fight it.”

When asked about prominent sasquatches in media, Dr. Uuuurnggghh had this to say: “Yes, everyone knows about Chewbacca as a supposedly positive sasquatch character. But aside from Chewbacca, who is there? Even Chewbacca is not a good role model, as he is presented as an alien, inarticulate, prone to rage, a cheater at games, and subordinate to human characters. You will note, for example, that Chewbacca does not recieve a medal at the end of Star Wars despite copiloting the ship that won the battle. And it goes without saying that the sasquatch community is very opposed to non-sasquatch actors playing sasquatch roles.”

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