Nobody was quite sure how Cutlip Confections got its moniker. Some said that founder Jacob John Dunwiddie had named it after his friend and business associate Jeremy Cutlip. Others maintained that for many years the company’s signature candy was the cutlip, so called either because its cracked edges resembled chapped lips or because they could occasionally be suck’d into sharp shapes that actually could cut one’s lips.

Needless to say, the name was something of a liability, and generations of Cutlip board members lamented the sales lost through such an unappetizing name. But Dunwiddie family members were in control of the firm and notorious for their love of tradition–besides which the name “Dunwiddie Confections” was scarcely more palatable. But with the 1989 death of Jacob John Dunwiddie VI, who left no heirs, the board was finally in a position to effect the change they wanted. The initial suggestions tended to focus on fads–one board member suggested “Neon Confections” just as that craze was peaking–that focus groups rightly saw as ephemeral. So the company, in a bid to turn public relations straw into gold, announced a contest for a new name.

Entries poured in from around the globe, but the ultimate winner was something no one could have expected…and it would have consequences that Jacob John Dunwiddies I-VI could never have foreseen in their wildest nightmares.