Does your pad lack flair due to streaks of miserable grime? Are new and rich ecosystems of mold, fungus, and mildew ever-spreading in your pad’s most secret places? Has the foul odor of your pad deadened your nose to all life’s olfactory pleasures?

If you answered “yes” or “maybe” or shifted nervously, you need Tai-De-Pad Spray™. Specifically designed for people who lack the natural grooming instinct, Tai-De-Pad Spray™ is an omni-cleansing gel, capable of cleaning any surface to its original luster and adding luster to surfaces that didn’t have it factory installed. Toilets, sinks, carpets, computer hardware, compost, pets, goose down, tile, oxygen, and rock…it doesn’t matter! Tai-De-Pad Spray™ will cleanse them all and leave a sweet almond scent.

Tai-De-Pad Spray™: Tidy your pad with Tai-De-Pad™.*

*Claims may be hyperbole. Use on living surface carries inherent risk of cauterization. Try on an inconspicuous area of your pet before full-scale grooming. If scent of almonds becomes overpowering or you begin to taste metal, seek medical attention immediately. Will not retard and actively promotes the growth of odor and stain-free microorganisms such as anthrax. Definitions of “pad” may vary; for best results do not use in any home or rental property valued over $20,000. Ingestion may be harmful to adults and children interested in becoming adults.