“The sanitation tunnels were built by the French,” Diego said. “They’ve been maintained very occasionally since then, but are still more or less adequate for shunting raw sewage into the Volta.”

“So what you’re saying is, bring a respirator?” said Claus.

“What I’m saying is, bring a sealed NBC suit,” said Diego. “There will be filth down there festering with every disease and parasite known to man and many that will be discovered in our carcasses if we so much as scratch ourselves on a rusty grate.”

“Are you sure we can’t take a more direct route?” Claus countered. “I’ve run into Rokiessian ‘soldiers’ before, and I don’t think even the ones at the presidential palace will be much trouble.”

“Except that there will be over a thousand of them, backed by air, armor, and artillery, and five of us,” said Diego. “Not to mention Burwell’s company if they’re still in town and any other foreign ‘advisors’ Mitumba has hired.”

“Just don’t call him that when we meet,” said Abis. “He hates that nickname. He’ll be irritated enough about being abducted.”

“I never did understand that,” said Claus.

“You would if you read the dossier,” Abis said. “Mitumba means bundles of cheap clothing imported from the first world. The implication is that the dear general is clothing himself with the largesse of the West. Or that they control him with gifts.”