At first, the Brixx™ brand building toys were a laughingstock, poor injection molding compounded by what were roundly described as “the worst boxes on the face of the planet.” The Norwegian firm of Aeki GmbH, makers of the much more popular Logg-O™, sued OCYT Inc., the conglomerate behind Brixx™, alleging that making their building bricks compatible with the older, classic sets was copyright infringement.

But, unexpectedly, things took a turn for the better. Aeki GmbH lost the suit, as the relevant patents had expired and the “geometric dimenstions” of Logg-O blocks were held to be un-trademarkable (as OCYT’s lawyers had cannily advised them). A change in Chinese manufacturers and a general retooling brought the Brixx™ blocks up to a level of quality that met (and sometimes even exceeded) that of Logg-O. The Norwegians, manufacturing in Japan, weren’t able to meet the lower price point of their competitors.

In addition, an innovative licensing program found popular cartoons and other more esoteric franchises on Brixx™ boxes. By 1987, popular Saturday morning cartoons like Darcy the Cat were on OCYT’s (much-improved) boxes, and a line of military bricks won US Army endorsement (on the condition that the kits ship with recruitment brochures and OCYT provide industrial grade bricks to replace the Logg-O pieces Army robotics engineers used for prototyping).

One would have thought that Brixx™ were destined for a strong market niche, the Pepsi to the Coke of Logg-O™. But by Christmas 1989, OCYT had declared bankruptcy and Brixx™ sets were available for discounts as high as 90%–destined to become highly sought-after collectibles.

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