1970 – The Home Renovation Show, 11:30am Tuesdays on NBS

“Ugh, look at this hardwood floor! It’s so ugly and dated. What were they thinking?”

“I know, I know. Don’t worry, they’re coming tomorrow to put down fresh and contemporary shag carpet tomorrow.”

2000 – Home Renovation, 2:00pm Saturdays on the Repair Network

“Blech, look at this shag carpet! If there’s an uglier and more dated floor covering, I’ve yet to see it.”

“We’re tearing it up tomorrow. There’s nice hardwood underneath, and the guys are coming to stain it tomorrow.”

2030 – HomeRen, 5:00am Fridays on Repair.com Livefeed by Holo

“Man, look at this hardwood! Yuck. 2000 called, they want their outdated crap back.”

“Yeah, it’s painful. But there’s a guy coming tomorrow to carpet it over.”

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