“I’m worried that Mitzy will keep growing,” said Maybelle-Sue. “She is already near the hard upper limit of 5’4″ for legacy sisters of Lambda Qoppa Delta.”

“Of course,” replied Yvette-Olivia. “That’s always the nightmare.

“And beyond that, if she gets much taller there’s a chance she could do…” Maybelle-Sue suppressed a shudder. “Sports. Sports other than cheerleading.”

“I had the same worry with Maddy.”

“But she is a perfect 5’3″!” cried Maybelle-Sue. “And your husband is 6’5″! What’s your secret?”

“Why, Stop-Gro™, of course!” Yvette-Olivia laughed.


“Most certainly. Mix a little in with everyday meals when Mitzy is within an inch of her ideal height, and it’ll stop her dead! All the Lamb Qops use it…didn’t you ever wonder why they were all exactly the same height despite a wide range of backgrounds and body types?” Yvette-Olivia handed Maybelle-Sue a tube of the stuff. “Hair can be dyed, lipo can be suctioned, rhino can by plasty-ed, but only Stop-Gro™ will get you that all-important perfect height, just above midget and well short of giraffe.”

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