“Who is Kaye Runn?” Mitzy demanded.

“What? Who?” Dirk cried into his handset.

“Don’t lie,” Mitzy yelped, anguished. “I overheard you talking about ‘that fine Kay Runn’ you’re going to be ‘doing’ tomorrow!”

5K Run…I said I was doing a 5k Run! You know, running 5 kilometers? Those communist miles that they use in Canada?”

A pause on Mitzy’s end of the line. “Oh, okay. I’m sorry. How embarrassing.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Dirk said smoothly. “I’ll see you tomorrow night for dinner like we planned, okay?”

“Who was that, lover?” Kay’s voice floated in from the bedroom.

“Oh, nobody…nobody,” Dirk said. “Now, let’s see about setting a new record, Ms. Runn…!”

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