MARVIN: I…I just can’t…

MRS. POINDEXTER: See, he’s like this all the time.

MARVIN: It’s just…ugh…agh…

MRS. POINDEXTER: He acts out, but I can’t get him to vocalize what’s the matter, what he’s thinking.

NICK: Let me try.

[NICK walks across the studio and kneels by MARVIN]

NICK (into MARVIN’S ear):

MARVIN (leaning toward NICK):



MRS. POINDEXTER: What is it, what is it?

NICK: Mrs. Poindexter, Marvin is suffering from the fumes of your patented spicy curry gumbo, which are filtering down into the basement where he can smell them. He can’t bring himself to tell you because the dish is your pride and joy.

MRS. POINDEXTER: I’m sorry, I didn’t know! Marvin, my baby!

MARVIN: Momma!

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