“This is a relatively simple matter which won’t require too long,” said Spiner, of the law firm of Spiner, Hernandez, and Xon. “I regret that I don’t have time on my schedule, but I’ll send a paralegal by to help you draft the papers.

“How long will that take?” said Jake, gripping the phone tightly.

“Only a few minutes, most likely,” Spiner replied. “Don’t worry, as the supervising attorney I’m responsible for everything my paralegals do, so they’ll of course be held to the highest standards of the profession.”

Jake had more questions–and more questions about questions–but the other end of the line clicked dead before he could ask them. Instead, he moved to the front porch, pacing nervously as he looked for Spiner’s paralegal to arrive.

True to the attorney’s word, he didn’t have long to wait.

The overhead roar of a low-flying C-47 startled Jake, but before he could react an olive drab chute was rapidly descending on him. A man in a professional suit, with a briefcase strapped to his chest, glided in for an easy landing on the lawn.

“Hi there,” he said. “I’m your Spiner, Hernandez, and Xon paralegal. I can be with you as soon as I repack my chute.”

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