There once was a gull, who went by the name Gull, as did every one of his kind
And every day it flew over a harbor town with mealtime at the fore of his mind
Landing on the porch of an old sea dog who age and much care have made thinner
The old man’s was alone but he opened his home: “Hello Gull, want some of my dinner?”
Gull landed nearby and with a polite cry took the veggies and steak he was offer’d
But one fine day, coming in from the bay, poor Gull saw the porch was deserted
The old man was not there and with all due care poor Gull searched high and low
Hopping around the old man’s place Gull saw it opened adjoined onto a meadow
His keen eyes saw prints from the old man’s paws leading straight into the field
Following on the wing, Gull heard an odd thing: the old man begging someone to yield
His dear old friend was facing his end; he’d been cornered by a fierce wild bull
With a hoarse raspy cry the man begged not to die and heartstrings of Gull did he pull
Gull didn’t want his friend dead, he wanted to be fed, and so he pecked the bull’s back
With the blood that he drew, a taste that he knew: it was beef that he’d just attacked
Letting loose a loud cry, to Gull they did fly: his brothers and sisters in arms
They merged into one, swooping down from the sun, and the bull did they greivously harm
With newly formed limbs they grappled with him and tore off the offending bull’s jaw
As the new gull-man did slide the dead bull to one side, the old man looked on in awe
“Let’s get you home my old friend, and those wounds let us mend” said Gull with laughter
Sharing a tender kiss, with nought more amiss, together lived they happily ever after

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