You will know the Jovecap mushroom by its pattern of banded stripes, which match the clouds of Jupter’s sun-facing disk perfectly. If you have patience, you can watch the clouds swirl by and around the Jovecap as it ripens, but bear in mind that it, like all fruiting bodies, is ephemeral.

Do not be fooled by lookalikes like the Junocap, which resemble Jupiter but not its most current appearance in an attempt to get their toxic spores ingested and dispersed. If in doubt, consult the true face of the planet through direct observation.

The effect of the Jovecap depends on when it is ingested. Normally, it offers simply a delectable taste comparable to a rare truffle. But when eaten on the first new moon after the Great Conjunction, Jovecaps can serve as a panacea for any pathogen. It’s for this reason that, despite spoiling rapidly, they are avidly hunted to this day by specialized peccaries.

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