The Loamites
Chancellor Loam was a powerful political theorist whose adovcacy of a strong centralized and corprorate state earned him many admirers. He was successfully able to win election to the chancellorship but his political enemies revolted and forced him and his allies out after only 227 days with virtually none of their progreams implemented. The movement dwindled after that, but still has some strong–people might say extreme–adherents.

Umbriel Exiles
After the infamous anti-offworlder riots, the government of Umbriel was blockaded and attacked by a government coalition. Though many argued that the intervention was overkill, the Umbriel War turned into a vicious quagmire and ended with a breakout–the government and its remaining troops fought their way into open space and then jumped. A series of “governments in exile” followed as the occupation continued, gradually forcing the exiles further and further to the margins.

The Aiov Enlightenment
A philosophical movement holding that a society must be in complete and mechanized harmony, the Aiov Enlightenment was deemed an extremist group shortly after its founding. Nevertheless, its ideas of a regimented and orderly merging of the personal and professional spheres appealed to many, and the movement grew in leaps and bounds until it was officially outlawed. Many Aiov adherents took the opportunity to flee, seeking to establish settlements that followed this philosophy without outside interference.

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