The revelation that the Republic of Mashriq had quietly accepted arms and aid from Israel to defeat the Sharaqa rebels was effectively the end of the government.

President Tariq claimed for the rest of his life that there was no evidence other than slander and rumor and that he had been framed. Indeed, what evidence did surface–primarily in the form of Israel-made weapons in government stores–was circumstantial especially since it was publicized long after his death. Some have said that the Sharaqa deliberately planted the evidence, although in the chaos that followed the truth was most likely lost.

What happened next, though, is not in dispute. The Mashriqi army disintegrated, going over en masse to the Sharaqa, and the front against the rebels collapsed overnight. In the face of massive protests and violence, their forces entered the capital unopposed. The turnabout was so swift that President Tariq’s brother, the Minister of the Interior, was caught and killed in his own home.

The next 4 months of the Sharaqa in power would become known as “the 133 days.”

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