When I saw the home
In an old and worn-out book
It led me to a dead end
In the town of Shady Nook

My blog was brimming over
With debunked haunting tales
I expected nothing scarier
Than a few pale windy wails

My heart did not start pounding
When the walls were closing in
Or when a voice rebuked me
For an old and festering sin

I didn’t quail or quiver
When my nose began to bleed
Even as my eardrums rang
With unearthly roars to heed

There was no thought of fleeing
When palm-shaped bruises on my chest
Appeared as all around me
Ashen urns howled from their rest

I calmly kept my head on
Even when the doors were barred
I didn’t curl up shivering
When the grounds ate up my car

Chased up by blood-red mists
Leaping from the tower high
I woke up in a hospital
Being told I’d nearly died

It was then house did break me
When a detective at my bed
Said it was torn down years ago
Where had I been, instead?

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