Izzy – Reality TV star Izzy Chang-Fitzgibbons’ antics inspire a whole generation of young parents to follow suit.

John – Yup, it’s still here. This one is never going out of style, though how they get “Jack” out of it still mystifies us.

Omnithrax – The destruction of Earth’s ozone layer by the supervillain Omnithrax inspired many parents to hope for a similar desiny with their sons.

KG7-1B2 – The Voortian Incursion’s success made many parents anxious to curry favor by naming their children after the Hivewarden Prime.


Mysysraeia – George R. R. R. Martin II’s blockbuster sequel series led many to name their children after one of its vowel-heavy heroines.

Mary – Yup. This one too. Counting “Maria” and Marie,” this name will be making roll call difficult for teachers for another 1000 years.

Maxi – One wonders if parents naming their children after TV and film comedienne Maxi Padd (born Susan Pollington) really understand what they’re doing.

M – It’s unclear whether this honors M the Matriarch, M the Undying, or simply the most popular letter for girl names right now. Any way you slice it, it’s a nadir.

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