Valjean Un De Teau
A veteran “river rat,” Valjean owns a shallow-draft boat in Bullfrog Landing. When he’s not hunting frogs to sell for fillets, or kicking back a pint of Holin Testin Brew at the local watering hole, he hires his boat out to travelers along the lower reaches of Copper Creek and the swampy borderlands. His bleary eyes and roch manner mark him as a man few will trust, but is his reputation really deserved?

“Back-to-Nature” Johnson
A former gambler and dandy, Johnson decided, after a particularly devastating loss in a game of Faro, to go back to nature. He now wears a grass skirt (if he can be bothered) and bandana only, even if the temperature at Bullfrog Landing has plummeted. He earns his living as a spearfisher in Copper Creek and assists the brewmeister in making Hollin Testin. Rumors abound that he will spill secrets on his days as a gambler or a brewer for the right price.

The Brewmeister
The Brewmeister is the only one who knows the secret of the potent, acidic, and wildly hallucinogenic Hollin Testin brew popular among river rats in Bullfrog Landing. She sells the brew at a premium to all comers but reacts gruffly to any mention of her past and has been known to stab folks who poke too deeply into formula.

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