MELINDA: Welcome back to Dragon Hoarders, I’m your host Melinda Doe. Now, Rustwyrm, tell me why you have this microprocessor from a 1984 PC Jr. on your hoard.

RUSTWYRM THE SCOURGE: Well, Melinda, there are trace amounts of gold in most computer circuits. As such, I felt this motherboard had a place in my hoard, until I could melt it down and refine the gold.

MELINDA: And how long have you had it, Rustwyrm?

RUSTWYRM THE SCOURGE: Since January 17, 1985, 5:17 AM MST. You have to understand, I was just starting out with my hoard at the time.

MELINDA: Do you really think, after 31 years, that you’ll ever go through the time and labor intensive process to refine it into gold?

RUSTWYRM THE SCOURGE: It also has sentimental value.

MELINDA: And the mountain of other motherboards?

RUSTWYRM THE SCOURGE: Also sentimental.

MELINDA: Rustwyrm, your cave is full and on the verge of collapse. You need to work with me on this. Now, be honest: keep, sell, or trash?

RUSTWYRM THE SCOURGE:…sell. I hear the Chinese pay a good price for this stuff.

MELINDA: Great. Now, what about this stack of Teenie Beanie Babies?

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