01. Where you buried the body.
02. “__________, your son’s real father.”
03. An unknowable field sown with rusty blades.
04. Notable Canadian war criminal.
05. “__________, rhymes with month.”
06. The last speaker of Yanguia, a tongue never heard by the West.
07. The 666th unspeakable name of the Emperor of the Night.
08. Carcosa, a city in __________.
09. Stately Virigina home larger on the inside.
10. Second president of the Confederate States of America.

11. The sound of a scream in a vacuum.
12. Her last words to you.
13. The 168,334th digit of pi.
14. Experimental wingless airliner.
15. The true mortal author of Revelations.
16. He is coming.
17. __________, the beast we all fear to name.
18. One syllable that leads to madness.
19. The sigil of the gibbering moon.
20. “__________, my home on Jupiter’s surface.”

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