Bapic Games is proud to present its newest hit game for Facebook, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nintendo 3DS and Nokia N-Gage!

AdVille puts you in the shoes of an advertising executive just starting out. It’s up to you to design eye-popping ads for major brands and to watch existing ads to mine their valuable secrets!

Thanks to Bapic Games’ groundbreaking new licensing agreements with major brands, you will be able to view ads for real consumer products and the ads you design might even be picked up for national distribution! Reap fabulous rewards (in in-game currency) for making major ad campaigns for multinational corporations!

And of course, the patented Bapic Games micro-transaction system is in full swing. All major credit cards are accepted for purchasing in-game Ad Coins, and spending a few Ad Coins can help your own ads get noticed at the very top!

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