Kayleigh stormed into the offices of Underhill Associates LLC and demanded to see Morgan Darkholme, one of their entry-level necromantic engineers. The undead thrall at the door tried to stop her, waving his security badge and groaning inarticulately, but she brushed him aside with a quick cantrip of holding she’d bought at the 7/11 around the corner.

Underhill occupied the first 66 floors of the Ravenloft Building, with the unholy energy labs closest to street level (to help keep the bodies fresh) and the staff offices further up. Morgan had his tiny cubicle on the 65th floor, not because he was a big wheel or anything but because as a technically living being he was not as susceptible to sunlight as many of the upper-level executives. The CEO, Lord Cyril Dreadmere IV, actually had his offices in the basement. “After his predecessor accidentally opened the shades at sunrise and turned to ash,” Morgan had told Kayleigh once, “they figured it was better not to take any chances. Liches and sunlight, you know?”

“Morgan!” Kayleigh cried upon reaching the 65th floor. “Morgan, you’d better be in there!”

The other human employees slunk terrified in their cubies. Most of them were working on engineering more efficient horrors from beyond the realms of sanity, but most were as ill-equipped to deal with the living as they were proficient with the newly deceased. As they said at school, the MN degree in necromancy was only for those too shut-in to even become computer programmers.

Morgan stood up, pale and hunched, in his cube, the lines of arcane runes for a spell of extreme deathening compiling on the computer behind him. “K-Kayleigh?” he said. “What is it?”

Kayleigh marched up to him and slapped something down on his desk. Morgan glanced over at it and immediately had a moment of flop sweat. It was a polaroid of a very nice nook in the mid-city columbarium which read “KAYLEIGH JONES, BELOVED DAUGHTER, 4/20/1990 – 2/11/2016.”

“Am I dead?” Kayleigh cried. “Did you reanimate me just so we could date?”

“Of course not,” said Morgan without thinking. “The revivification lab did that for me.”

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