Name: Evelyn Morlock.

Age: 34.

Height: 5’8”

Hair: White blonde.

Eyes: Light brown.

Body type: Lithe and muscular, due largely to her training as a librarian.

Likes: Books (of course), discovering new information, exotic green teas, cats, cooking soup, dabbles in growing tea plants.

Dislikes: Candles, roasting meat, ignorance, secrets that she doesn’t know, spear training, jogging
Personality traits: Rash, enthusiastic, passionate, tough, determined, regimented, somewhat close-minded, dedicated, intentionally composed, outwardly serene/stoic, nosy.

Best friend: A midget named Roland who words in archives. He’s very jumpy and got stuck in archives because he failed every single defense test required, but government quota requirements forced the library to hire him.

Background: Evelyn is a junior librarian at the Aklatan, the foremost library of her world. As all librarians are, she is charged with defending her books and so is in the midst of a rigorous training regimen involving hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, and combat magic.