Misty is a 3-month old terror dog, one of the heralds of the coming of Gozer the Traveler. She is very affectionate, rambunctious, and curious. Misty has not been fixed yet, so owners who wish to prevent the gate from being opened and the Destructor from arriving should look into spaying her. She also has a slight tendency to posess living hosts, so be sure to switch to a garlic shampoo.

Snuggles is a 5-year-old hellhound, a creature formed from the raw suffering of the damned and only summonable to this plane through a blood sacrifice and virgin ritual. Snuggles was previously adopted by an older witch who had to give him up after being cast into the infernal realms during a failed summoning circle. Snuggles is a special-needs dog, and must be fed a steady diet of tainted souls. He is very affactionate and loving.

Bon-Bon is a 10-year-old special-needs husky. While she is very rambunctious and affectionate, she was attacked as a pup by a rampaging werewolf. As such, she has opposable thumbs and an upright posture during every full moon, which she has been known to use to open doors, steal cars, and other mischief.

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