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SAUNDERS: This is KM247 calling KM Lodge, KM Lodge, do you read?

GRAS: This is KM Lodge, go ahead KM247.

SAUNDERS: Anything new on those teens, Rene?

GRAS: That’s a negative, John. No further contact since they missed their return time. About 23 hours from the clock in KM Lodge. Jones and Washington are still out on the south ridge, and we’ve got word out to KJ Lodge to send whatever rangers they can spare to help in the search. You still with Cahill?

SAUNDERS: Yeah, Jean’s right here. KM Lodge, please be advised, we’ve found an unauthorized campsite near the third bend.

GRAS: The third bend? How did you get that far so quickly?

SAUNDERS: That’s not important. Jean and I pulled up the canoe just off the third bend because we saw some evidence of human activity.

CAHILL: (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: Yeah, Jean. Say again, KM Lodge, we have found something really weird.

GRAS: We’re not looking for weird, John, we’re looking for Dixon party of seven, remember? Acknowledge, KM247.

SAUNDERS: This is KM247 acknoweldging. It’s just…Rene, if this is where those kids were, I’m a little afraid for them.

GRAS: What do you mean?

SAUNDERS: From the river it looked like some tree damage, but…Rene, someone cut a bunch of branches, sharpened them on both ends, and stuck them into the ground.

GRAS: Say again, John?

SAUNDERS: Recent carvings, too. Still wet and green in places. This couldn’t have been done more than a few hours ago, half a day, tops. Looks like someone blazed a little unauthorized trail and lined it with spears.

CAHILL: (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: And there are carvings in the trees, too. Also fresh, sap’s still running. Like someone carved their initials in, only these ain’t like any initials I’ve ever seen.

GRAS: How long is this trail, John?

SAUNDERS: Fifty yards maybe? And at the end…KM Lodge, this is really weird.

GRAS: Say again, KM247?

SAUNDERS: Someone took a bunch of stufed animals, kids’ toys, and put them in the trees. Hung them in the trees, from little nooses made from twine.

GRAS: Someone hung a bunch of toys by nooses?

SAUNDERS: Now do you see why I’m worried, Rene? If there’s some psycho out here, they could have…I don’t even want to think about it.

GRAS: KM247, are you armed?

SAUNDERS: Yeah, I have my .357.

CAHILL: (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: KM Lodge, we’ve just found some footprints and what looks like a bit of cloth that got snagged and torn. Could be our teens or our illegal camper.

GRAS: Standby, KM247. (indistinct) What’s that, Mary? (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: KM Lodge, are you there? I hear somebody coming.

CAHILL: (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: This is John Saunders of the National Park Service! Please identify yourself!

CAHILL: (indistinct)

SAUNDERS: (indistinct)

GRAS: Sorry about that, John. Mary just came over and said we found the Dixon party on the south ridge. Washington just called it in. Damn kids were hungover from a party.

SAUNDERS: (indistinct)

GRAS: Come again, KM247?

SAUNDERS: (indistinct)

GRAS: KM Lodge calling KM247, respond please! KM Lodge calling KM247, please acknowledge! John, do you read me? Jean? KM Lodge calling KM247, please respond!

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