A glistening c ty shining against a g_lden sky, bright wi_h suns and m_ons uncounted lay be_ore me.

Ste__ng fo_ward i__o the breach, I c_n se_ spread o_t bef_e my eyes the armies of dr___s u__der _anne__ _n th_ _or _s of the real __.

They are t_ere t_ gr__t m_ a_d t__ l___ of my q____.

A_d t_ _he _e I why a p_le___ me cou__ _e _r b_ ___w _o again.

M_ __ _ qu___ a__ th_ __r_ k______.

___ _ __ ___ _____ j_____ l___.

_a__ ____ _ ___ ______ ___ ___

__ _ _____ ___ __ ___ _____

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