9:30 AM
No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Buy: Building and Maintaining Your Evil Brand
Conference Room C, Marriott

Everyone knows that having a strong brand is the key to reading unmitigated evil without limits or consequences. Key players from Exxon, Disney, and Fox will host an open panel session, isolated and darkened by one-way mirrors and voice changers, on how to ensure your evil brand becomes unassailable.

11:00 AM
The Pew-Pew Uncharitable Trust: Death Rays on a Shoestring Budget
Durango Ballroom, Sheraton

Death rays have long been a staple of evil, but the days of being able to cobble together your own out of vacuum tubes and quantonium crystals are long gone. Join Dr. Doomenstein for a primer finding and upgrading low-cost death rays to vaporize entire census tracts for just pennies and acre.

1:30 PM
The Black Whole: Improving Minority Representation in the Gravity Dominator Industry
Rm. 101A, Kansas City Convention Center

Evil needs to be more inclusive–that much has been known for years. But what does that look like on the ground, in the private sector? Professor Positron from GravCo will discuss his company’s outreach program aimed at bringing people of color into the gravity dominator industry, and how it takes more than an antigrav ray to lift up a life.

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