Stop Stalin and Start Russian: Getting Foriegn Capital for Domestic Evil
Ballroom 1, Kansas City Convention Center

In our keynote, a major speaker that cannot be named for security purposes will talk about how to successfully seek funding from Russia and other countries for acts of evil right here in the USA. The unidentified speaker, whose name and title rhyme with Malcontent Bump, will walk listeners though the process from start to finish. Attach├ęs from the embassies of evil-friendly counties will be available afterwards for speed pitches!

What the Duct: Hero-Proofing Your Evil Lair
Maple Leaf Ballroom C, Marriott

Can people crawl through your ductwork? Is your waste system adequately sealed to prevent ingress? Are your anti-air defenses up to snuff? Certified lair architect Franc Lloyd Wrong will go through a list of basic safety checks to make sure your impenetrable lair stays impenetrable.

More Than a Pipe Dream: Municipal Sewers as Pathways to Evil
Typhoon Room 2, Holiday Inn

While everyone knows the value of sewers as evil lairs, they can also be used to move troops, scatter robot drones, and spread toxins among the populace. Learn the tricks and pitfalls of turning municipal water systems into rivers of evil from Underdweller Cathos.

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