To Thine Past Self Be True: Time Travel for Fun and Profit
Falling Water Room C, Marriott

In this presentation by Count Dread and Count Dread from 2082 AD, learn about how your most powerful ally in the fight for evilmay be yourself. Get valuable tips on avoiding paradoxes, sharing information, and winning big (but not so big as to prompt an investigation).

Mad Science Oratory: Monologuing Without Giving Them the Upper Hand
Kansas City Convention Center 211

Everyone enjoys a good evil gloat. But what if that gives your enemies an opening to turn the tables? In this illuminating lecture and roleplay, The Bloodpire will demonstrate how to monologue without opening yourself up to reprisals.

Get Your Side Hench On: Recruiting and Retaining Henchmen with Über
Eternium Suite 2, Holiday Inn

Traditional methods of henchmen recruitment have been in decline for years. Enter Über, an app that allows you to hire short-term henchmen for just as long as you need them at any time. Better still, they provide their on weapons and transportation! Learn ho to take advantage of this new economy to fill your ranks ithout breaking the bank.

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