Ne strelyayte, ya odin iz vas!” Jones cried. “Ne strelyayte, ya odin iz vas!

The oncoming Russian troops looked at him quizzically. Jones, apparently glad of their curiosity, fired his revolver in the direction of his fleeing companions.

“See? See? Ne strelyayte, ya odin iz vas!” he yelled. “Look, Bolo, I’m on your side!”

One of the Americans, falling back while reloading, was caught by Jones’ revolver. He slumped to the ground, spilling cartridges in a shower and dropping his Mosin. Jones turned to the advancing Russians, grinning.

Chto nam s nim delat’? one of them cried. “Etot predatel?

Pristreli yego! shouted another. “U nas dostatochno!

The first Russian nodded, and racked the bolt on his Mosin. He fired, and Jones went down hard, a “Ne strelyayte-” on his lips. He lay on his side, eyes and mouth open as if in surprise, as the attackers swarmed past him.

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