“Now, we’re prepared a few objects to test the effectiveness of the psychometry we hope that 212-G will allow you to temporarily experience,” said Higgins. He laid a tray of small items in front of Rodriguez.

“What are they?”

“Well, we don’t want to affect the results too much by telling you,” said Higgins. “But suffice it to say that they are mostly bits of worked metal or pottery shards from archaeological digs. Someone has to have touched them thousands of years ago, someplace.”

Rodriguez glanced over the tray; most of the items seemed very mundane, but there was one that intrigued him. Almond-shaped and a dull grey, it seemed to have a letter on its surface, though he couldn’t make it out. He reached for it first, picking it up. From the heft and weight, it was clearly metal of some kind.

A moment later, he froze.

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