Orson has devoted his life to photography, but his career has been haunted by a single photograph he accidentally took in 1992. People think they saw Bigfoot in the image, and his “serious” work has been overshadowed ever since, with Orson forced to rely on freelance Bigfoot enthusiasts and talking-head interviews to survive. The latest one seems to be the worst of all, remote KSQH in Minnesota. Arriving before a storm for a local news story, Orson finds himself trapped in the studio by the storm. Strange shapes are moving outside though, and the newscasters and crew seem to be getting hairier by the moment, despite their insistence that everything is all right. As it turns out, KSQH is an elaborate ruse meant to lure Orson there. His photograph, it turns out, is the last authentic Bigfoot evidence ever gathered, and the sasquatches are intent on silencing him forever—by making him one of them.

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