Naturally, staff were quite forbidden to partake in any of the refreshments, as Lady Greene had a strict composting policy for her vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free soirées.

The cruelty-free part did not extend to the waitstaff, as they worked 8- and 10- hour shifts for each weekly party. And unlike the members of Lady Greene’s household, the waitstaff were provided by an external contractor, so no benefits, no overtime, and no breaks. OmniStaff LLC was a management company for independent contractors who waived basic human rights in exchange for exciting employment opportunities, after all.

Julio had first taken on the work because he was a committed vegetarian himself, and Lady Greene was famous as an international icon of eco-style and eco-cuisine. But whenever he looked at the supplies gathered for one of the parties, it was just depressing. A great, forbidden kale forest loomed in the walk-in freezer, so close but also out of reach.

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