St. Bella’s Jacoban Chapel
A Jacoban chapel has stood on this spot for centuries. The most recent building was completed in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Jacoban sect, which saw Yacothia funding identical chapels all across the land. The cemetery attached to it has always had many grave problems.

Paladin’s Sword Barracks
These barracks were built during the worst of the Jacoban-Peteran wars to house a detachment of Jacob’s Sword paladins. Since the subsidence of that violent conflict into uneasy coexistence marked more by catty insults than by bloodshed, it has been turned over for the use of local troops. Local guards tend to call it “paladingy.”

Village Green
This green was once owned by a wealthy farmer who left it in perpetuity to his five sons, as long as they could live and work it together. Since the boys all detested each other, they immediately abandoned their claims to it. It now serves as a common ground for the village and a dire warning to all who are considering elaborate, ceremonial estate planning.

Let Them Eat Bakery
The local bakery for several generations, Let Them Eat is known both for its crusty black bread and its charitable attitude. Leftovers are frequently given out to beggars, no matter how crusty, and once a year at Breadfest the entire town is entitled to loaf around on the baker’s budget.

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The Gallant Griffin Tavern
Named after the arms of a noble family that once ruled these lands, the Gallant Griffin is the favored local watering hole and groggery. It is famous locally for its Hippogriff Hops brew, and barrels of their signature Griffin Grog are occasionally ordered as far away as Snordwich.

The Cloister of St. Martha
St. Martha-with-the-Field-Mice was a notable early saint, and her devotion to the Watcher lives on in her namesake cloister, as does her love of small animals and a persistent colony of snakes.

Castle Llewellyn
This edifice was constructed by the now-extinct line of the Barons Llewellyn, the famed Griffin Knights. Uninhabited for decades, it is maintained by a hardworking and fastidious Steward in the hopes that it will once more be the scene of feasts, jousts, and conspicuous consumption on an impressive scale.

Redstone Manse
The line of the Barons Llewellyn is extinct, but their distant cousin Aldus Elwyn was able to stake his claim to this manor in their former domain as a reward for his service in the Gastrobury Crusade. He now hopes to see his line take lordship over Castle Llewellyn and restore the lands to glory, or at least to respectability.

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If you’re an FBI agent, you know how difficult long stakeouts can be. You’ve felt firsthand the hunger pangs and tasted the bitter dregs of lower-tier Chinese takeout. That’s why we started the FBI Stakehouse.

You’ll find a terrific assortment of char-broiled meats, confiscated from suspects and cooked on seized grills. We’ve recruited some of the best cooks from among our federal inmates and put them to work. With both dine-in and carryout options, we’re sure to make your next assignment far less unbearable. And since most of our overhead is contraband, we keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you!

So come on down to the FBI Stakehouse, located in the unmarked former municipal building on Washington Avenue East! You’ll never know we were there.

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Sweetwater Farm
The Sweet family came to the island seeking a peaceful place to escape the temptations of modern life. While they were successful in the latter, the former is somewhat elusive given their large number of small children, small chickens, and Rocky Mountain Whooping Llamas. At dawn, the din from Sweetwater Farm can be heard all the way across the estuary.

Weather Station
This field station allows a live-in crew of scientists from Sim State University to study the weather systems coming in from the coast and provide early warning for violent sou’westers. During sunny weather, the field station researches local wildlife and river sedimentation, which accounts for the legendary boredom of its staffers and the rumored construction of a high-speed internet gaming lounge.

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Settled only in the early 1700s, the Merina islands have always been remote and never supported a very large population. During the war, all the islanders were evacuated by the occupying Japanese and put ashore on the mainland; most still have not returned, as the islands were considered to be of major strategic value. The current science station was once a missile tracking outpost during the Cold War, for instance, and because of this the island escaped the ecological disasters and invasive species that ravaged many others.

After the satellite tracking station was abandoned, a few islanders were able to return but the remoteness of the island meant it was only known by a few surfers and other enthusiasts. An attempt at commercial llama farming in the 1990s failed badly, and Typhoon Dingo in 1994 caused major damage to all existing structures.

The only remaining habitat of the rare and critically endangered Red-Speckled Pseudo-Lemur, the Merina islands have attracted intense scientific interest that is in direct opposition to Club Lo, which has been developing the island and its relatively unspoiled beaches as an upscale resort.

Inland, the Merina ruins are particularly noteworthy. By far the largest and most intact ruins of any island other than Nan Madol on Ponape, they show a distinct Bali influence, leading some to surmise ancient trade or colonization efforts between the two widely separated islands. No systematic excavation has ever been undertaken, as the ruins lay on private land, but their mysteries may perhaps one day be unlocked.

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Ferndale Clinic
The Ferndale Clinic offers natural, holistic medical solutions that do not in any way include secret government funding. It also serves as a trusted dispensary for the town’s prescriptions which do not include any experimental small-batch military serums.

Sowmole School
Riverblossom citizens will assure you that Sowmole is a magical place, full of wonders to delight the mind but also dark perils to snare the unwary. If you have a school-age child, let Sowmole cast its spell over them in time for the Yule Ball!

The Grape Depression Winery
This charming little boozery is the sherry on top of Riverblossom. Don’t let the middling quality of the grapes crush your spirits, just let out a little wine!

Bring up your shelf esteem with a good book! Fully laden book carts is just how the librarians roll. Just don’t get any late fines, or they’ll throw the book at you.

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Riverblossom Town Hall
Previously Riverblossom Village Hall, this structure was massively upgraded and refitted after the birth of Morton Globbens put Riverblossom over the coveted 1000-person threshold.

Spring Valley Church of the River Blossoms
This sect, unique to Riverblossom Isle, follows an unusual interpretation of the word. They replace every mention of any plant in the scriptures with a river blossom, adamantly insisting that this is closest to the true text. Lily Sunday is a popular favorite, as are the Christmas Lilies available in December.

The Electric Company Art Gallery
Once a mere prosaic substation, this structure is now filled with a different kind of electricity in the form of interpretive dance and poetry slams. Providing Riverblossom with its recommended dose of Vitamin Art, the gallery is always at the bleeding edge of the avant-garde and the teetering edge of financial insolvency.

Carre Park
Named after the landscape architect’s favorite spy novelist, Carre Park is the world’s first park expressly designed for intrigue. Despite being perfectly designed for clandestine rendezvous, dead drops, and other thrilling activities, no known espionage has occurred there.

Petite Puppers Dog Park
Funded by a bequest from wealthy eccentric and animal hoarder Edna Cayness, Petite Puppers caters to pooches from all walks of life. From its fields of well-fertilized grass to its locally famous dog water, Petite Puppers is truly off the chain.

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“Here’s the thing,” said Inspector McTeague. “It was dark. He can’t be sure who kissed him, only that if felt like the victim.”

“What are you saying?” asked Officer Strong. “I don’t understand.”

McTeague thumped a thick manila envelope onto the tabletop. “You’re familiar with Hattie Snodgrass?”

“No, who is she?”

“One of the most skilled con artists the department has ever had to deal with. She is an expert kisser, Strong, a master of the art form. She can make her kisses feel like they came from somebody, anybody, else.”

“My God,” said Strong. “You mean to say…?”

“That’s right,” McTeague said. “She’s a ventrilokisst.”

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St Hiddle-on-Botham Town Hall
Named after a local saint that was declared fictitious and removed from the Catholic saints registry in 1289, St Hiddle-on-Botham (not to be confused with the St Hiddle in Strothshire) nevertheless benefited from a stream of pilgrims to the site where St Hiddle reportedly beheld the divine llama. Its town hall was built near that spot, replacing an earlier structure that dated to 1534. The current building handles all government affairs and still admits a few diehard pilgrims each year.

Bhampton School
The most prestigious academy in St Hiddle-on-Botham, Bhampton maintains a strict British boarding school atmosphere despite being a local public institution. It has produced one-half of a Rhodes scholar (don’t ask) and a champion field Quiddich team. It has also stubbornly resisted attempts to change its motto from “Parcere Praedae Virga Puer.”

Heaton-on-Westom Weather Field Station
The moor of Heaton-on-Westom may owe its grand name to a long-destroyed manor on a long-silted creek, but its reputation for science stands undiminished. Researchers from the University of Camford and the University of Oxbridge routinely conduct experiments here, though many locals insist that they do not so much predict the weather as cause it.

The Meadery on Twettle Row
A place for strong liquor and stronger personalities, the Meadery serves drinks to numb the tongue and strip paint. Its food may be legendarily inedible, but no one has yet drunk the owner under the table with their own supply of backroom hooch.

Elle’s Chorels
The drinks as Elle’s may be as watered down as Botham Pond, but her food is a local staple. Hearty meat pies, aspics, and sponge cakes are her specialty, even if they are washed down with the weakest beer this side of Milwaukee.

Newtons St Pethen Library
Newtons St. Pethen was a local eccentric and bibliophile who left his large collection of esoteric tomes to the city upon his expiry. They reside here alongside s few newer volumes, and are a favorite of researchers into the normal, paranormal, and supernormal.

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Like many who settled on Hylewood, the Bashalde Hungarian-Slovak Romani were fleeing persecution on the mainland. They arrived in a small group, and have settled permanently though they do still enjoy taking their still-functional wagons along the island roads from time to time in honor of their itinerant ancestors. They make most of their income from tourists, selling handmade crafts and CDs of their unique music, but are also frequent performers in island festivals and at the Screaming Banshee.

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