The Tuy’baq are a physically weak race, and must be augmented cybernetically to gain sentience; typically, this is done at birth. As almost inherently cybernetic organisms, Tuy’baq are naturally gifted users of data systems. After the Vyaeh conquered the Tuy’baq homeworld of Q’otwaa, Tuy’baq were placed on Vyaeh ships to act as programmers and hackers.

The Tuy’baq cybernetic exoskeletons are not designed for combat, but are nevertheless resistant to small arms fire, and the creatures are equipped with a fusion pulse launcher for self-defense. While typically controlled by a Vyaeh slavemaster, in the past two decades Tuy’baq have recently begun a rebellion against their masters.

Some Tuy’baq have been equipped with upgraded armor and improved weaponry for operations in more hostile environments, and these are typically identifiable by their purple armor. Tuy’baq programmers can be equipped with a cloaking generator that conceals all but a faint outline of the creature. These cloak-capable programmers are typically used for covert missions, but have been employed as assassins as well.

In the seventeen years since the first Tuy’baq slave rebellion, the Vyaeh have taken steps to prevent its spread. By redesigning the programmer exoskeleton, they have been able to maintain firmer control of the enslaved Tuy’baq. The redesigned unit is also more combat-worthy, with a smaller profile, thicker armor, and a significantly upgraded fusion pulse launcher. Older exoskeleton models continue to see use in reserve fleets, however.

Programmers designed for high-risk combat operations have undergone the recent cybernetic upgrade as well. Vyaeh engineers placed special emphasis on the armor of these units, which is electrically charged and capable of resisting nearly twice as much damage as earlier models. A rudimentary guidance system has also been added to the programmer’s fusion pulse launcher armament as well.

Much like earlier models, the upgraded Tuy’baq can be equipped with cloaking generators. The efficiency of these devices has been improved, however, and they leave less of a telltale shadow when employed.