“The name on the check is Lena Lehmann, but everyone around here knows her as Lorraine¬†Lothringen. Well, to her back at least.”

Lorraine¬†Lothringen? The name sounded familiar. “Didn’t she do some pin-ups in the 40’s and 50’s?”

“Yup,” the electrician said. “My dad had a stack of ’em from the war. He had me bring one by to sign the first time I got called out here. She wouldn’t, though. Locked herself in the bathroom and screamed about how it wasn’t anybody’s right to remember all that stuff from all those years ago.”

“Pretty sure me and my dad have a right to remember whatever we damn well please,” Hansen said. “Why’d you come back?”

“Because the money’s good. Ms. Lothringen pays well and tips better. I heard she socked away all the money from her modeling years and is living on the interest. You play your cards right, she’ll put you on the list and give you a call anytime her drains clog.”

Hansen raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” the electrician laughed. “For one thing, she’s about 85. And for another, she quit modeling to marry a rabbi.”