The voice at the other end of the line was pleasant, but with a faint far-eastern accent. “Mr. Sanderson, we’ve had quite the time tracking you down.”

“That’s why I wrote under a pseudonym,” Sanderson said. “It’s kind of the point.” He thought about hanging up, but if someone had gone to such great lengths to track him down, he might as well hear them out.

“Of course, of course,” the voice said. “My name is Nokin Kobayashi, and I’m with the San Francisco branch of Sunstar Games.”

Sanderson could already feel a headache building up. “Let me guess: it’s about the High Score series.”

“Well, yes,” said Kobayashi sounding both relieved and a little embarrassed. “I’m sure you know how successful the series was–and frankly, I have to congratulate you on such a marvelous idea. Selling novel adaptations of video games to young readers? A masterstroke for the educational market.”

“So I told myself at the time,” Sanderson grumbled. The residuals had certainly made it easy enough to work on other projects, but those books were never intended to be his sole scrap of notoriety. That’s what the pseudonym was for, dammit.

“The reason I’m calling, Mr. Sanderson, is that we’d like to use aspects that you introduced in your novelization of Blaster Squad Attack for the upcoming next-gen sequel. We’ll give you full credit and compensation, of course.”

“Not in a million years.”