People were always dropping by Harry’s and asking the same question:

“How come you sell boats? Ain’t no lakes around here.”

He had developed a variety of answers to this, depending on the asker. Potential customers got this response: “It’s right off the highway ramp and Lake Collins is just 20 miles down the road! Plus, we’re the only boat shop between Harrierville and Fort Collins.”

People just stopping in to use the restroom got a more succinct one: “Buy a boat, and I’ll tell you.”

Folks Harry recognized, or who arrived on foot, or who he plumb didn’t like got served from a reservoir of sarcastic responses: “These boats work in the air.”

“Oh, so *that’s* what I’ve been doing wrong!”

“Those are boat-shaped novelty RV’s.”

“I wants to sell planes, but they said that was just crazy.”