We offer kindness and care to people with debilitating physical injuries, and often the mental problems that accompany them. What people who have never been deeply injured cannot realize is that, while physical wounds may heal and people may learn to adapt to a missing limb, the mental scars often persevere. It’s incumbent upon us not only as physicians but as human beings to treat the whole patient, not only their missing leg or sulfur mustard burns.

That is the credo that the Hinison Institute is founded upon, put forth by Dr. Samuel Hinison in 1909 and adhered to in the decade and a half since. Many have challenged it, just as many have embraced it. But we hope to offer patients and their families something that other treatments cannot: serenity and peace of mind.

“I can still remember every line in that brochure,” Ashton croaked. “Who’d have thought we’d wind up like this after such a start?”