Originally a conscripted race known as the Jul-Thun, centuries of slavery and genetic tinkering by the Vyaeh have led Executioners to be wholly dependent on their masters for breeding and nutrition. One of two races that serve as internal police within the Vyaeh Empire, Executioners answer directly to agents of the Orphaned Court, the Vyaeh government, and not to local commanders (although they will obey orders that they see as in line with Court policies). As such, they are occasionally seen attacking and killing Vyaeh who are held to be traitors. Executioners are usually assigned to low priority garrisons and small ships.

“Strangely, reports indicate that this creature only fired upon other aliens and never on humans. Due to this, as well as their sinister appearance, the personnel have begun calling them Executioners.”
-Report on the battle of Barnard’s Star

The other race to serve as internal police within the Vyaeh Empire, the Ryteg (commonly referred to as Adjudicators) are a conscripted race added to the Empire relatively recently. As with the Jul-Thun Executioners, the Ryteg Adjudicators are extensively modified through genetic manipulation and cybernetic augmentation when compared to their racial baseline. Their numbers have been increasing of late due to the Orphaned Court’s perception that they are more loyal and adaptable than the Executioners. As such, they are usually assigned to high priority garrisons, large fleets, or as personal guards to fleet commanders, government officials, and even the Court itself. As with the Executioners, Adjudicators are not accountable to local military commanders.

“Defend with your life. Accept no surrender and offer none yourself. In duty is life; in protection, honor; in battle, glory. Serve the Court and you shall be served. Destroy those that betray it and you shall be spared. Work to further it in all things and you will be blessed.”
-Vyaeh manual of arms