Ever the optimist, navel-gazer, and science fiction fan, Ben kept a list of “Things to Change While Time Traveling.” It was concise yet specific, offering practical suggestions without offering any reasons:

1. Stay the hell away from Andrea Bellman
2. Leave the 2003 Christmas party exactly one hour earlier
3. Don’t join the fraternity
4. Don’t get in a fistfight with Ralph Gonzaga
5. Ask Paige Charleston for a date before 2007 for crap’s sake
6. Take the job out east
7. Get renter’s insurance and flood insurance before April 2005
8. Don’t buy the Honda
9. Save the Apple stock Aunt Agnes gave you
10. Skip the fishing trip to the gulf coast

Some time later, Ben amended the list with an eleventh item:

11. Prevent self from using a time machine