“Why don’t you want to see the movie? I thought you said you loved movies.”

“I said I like 80’s sci-fi/fantasy. That’s a very different thing, a discrete subset of all movies.”


“Oh sure, there are some outliers, like Forbidden Planet and Lord of the Rings. But the movies made after motion control, animatronics, and makeup got really good–around Star Wars–and when cruddy modern sci-fi/fantasy started–around Independence Day–and everything became cruddy CGI crap-fests.”

“What’s wrong with sci-fi today? I think Destructors IV: Depths of the Earth looks fun, even if it is CGI.”

“I’ll tell you the problem with CGI: it doesn’t require any discipline to attain. No models, no makeup…they standd on the shoulders of computer geniuses to accomplish something as fast as they can, slapped it on the big screen, and sell it!”

“Is that a Jurassic Park quote? If you’re going o go all movie-nerd, you might as well quote a movie that fits your hypothesis.”