“Yeah, I’d like to try one of your ice cream hamburgers.”

“We don’t serve those. Would you like ice cream or a hamburger?”

“But the sign says ice cream hamburgers!”

“No, it says ice cream on one line and hamburgers on the other. It’s not a sentence or phrase.”

“Well it sure looks like one.”

“Believe me, I know. But the management won’t change it because they’re not the ones who have to answer 50 questions a day about ice cream hamburgers.”

“Are you sure you don’t have any?”

“Yes, I’m sure! How could I not know how to make something on our menu and still work here?”

“Maybe you could just try to make some.”

“How the heck would I do that, exactly? Fry up a burger and try to put it between two scoops of ice cream? It’d melt in seconds.”

“You could put a scoop of ice cream in a hamburger bun.”

“Ew. Would you really want to eat melty ice cream off a sopping wet bun? That’s normally the sort of thing people save for Cancun.”

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