First she donned the inner liner, designed to keep her circulation constant no matter the pressure on the other side of the airlock. A liquid cooling and ventilation garment was next, to combat the terrifyingly low and high temperatures to be expected outside. A pressure bladder over both formed a temporary seal in case of a puncture, and a restraint layer plus a liner kept it in place. Outside of that was an airtight aluminized insulation layer and an external layer designed to resist micro-meteor impacts.

She could survive with just that, but a hard-shell suit of metal and composites formed the final layer nonetheless. Her eyes were visible behind layers of multiplex for a moment before she swung the tinted visor down to screen out radiation.

“Going out to town for a bit, Pa!” she cried through the intercom.

“Don’t forget them batteries.”

The airlock cycled, and she stepped out onto the surface of the Earth.

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