That’s just the thing…every reference to Liehlton is a reference to Stanville, every signpost points to Liehlton instead of Y. Even everybody who has a friend in Liehlton has a friend in Stanville. It’s like it’s the only difference between the two worlds.

And that’s the strangest part–you’d think that there would be, I dunno, a butterfly effect where a change to Liehlton would have effects everywhere. That’s just not the case! As near as I can tell, for everything that doesn’t directly involve Liehlton or Stanville, there is no difference at all!

You haven’t even heard the strangest part. I took a topographic map from the Stanville public library–without checking it out, I know, but these are desperate times. The topography and buildings fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Nothing overlaps.

What I’m saying is that they have a hill where we have a ravine, they have brambles where we have a building. If you were to crop one city on top of the other, no one would notice but the trees and the deer.

What I’m saying is that it’s obvious to me that Liehlton and Stanville were, at one point, the same city.

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