It has been speculated that many of Wells’ subsequent actions are the result of his deception. If anyone with even a remote familiarity with a contemporary computer were able to see the random code he had printed out, they would be able to see through his fraud. By isolating his remaining followers and strictly controlling their information, Wells could draw out the deception and remain in control. The compound he bought with his followers’ money was a former summer camp about 25 miles outside of Youngstown, and Wells became the sole intermediary between his followers and the outside world. He was the only one to leave the compound for supplies, he was the only one with access to radios and television, and by taking advantage of this the Deus was able to successfully “predict” several major events after they had already happened. Perhaps sensing that this could not go on forever, the Deus also began “commanding” Wells to take several wives and partners from among his flock.

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