“So what happened, then?” Chief Strong said. “Whose prints are those?”

“They are the prints of the murderer, of course, the same person who dumped Shreve in the fountain. Don’t you recall, Chief, that one of the cosplayers mentioned seeing someone walking a little oddly around the time of the murder? We assumed it was Shreve and his affected limpy walk…but it was actually our murderer, walking backwards in their own footprints to make it seem like Shreve had come through, and conveniently dumping him in a place which was likely to was away much physical evidence. The bloody handprint was Shreve’s, but not the footprints.”

Terra shook her head stubbornly. “No, it still doesn’t add up. Why kill him? There’s no motive. If everyone who acts like a dick at a cosplay event were murdered, there’d be no one left!”

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