By late 1971, rumors of activity in the Futuro compound had led to a police investigation and a search warrant, which Danton Wells did not allow. Several Futuros left the group’s compound around this time, and though they did not go to the authorities, Wells was apparently convinced that they would. In January 1972, he abruptly declared to his remaining followers that the Deus had manifested itself and that the time had come to merge its technological aspect with humanity. He began trying to graft random inanimate components to his favorites to realize this; with no medical training, the results were gruesome. The oldest of his children was around four years old at this point, and at least four children are known to have died from having circuit boards or chromed metal rudely implanted into their bodies. Others were left permanently maimed, losing fingers and limbs. By the time of the final police raid on the Futuro compound, in August of 1972, only thee children had not been given this horrifying “treatment” in some way.

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