Captain Strong as wearing his dress blues with white gloves and his customary sunglasses–indoors and at night, of course.

“Ah, welcome, Captain Strong,” Greg said, grasping and pumping one of the officer’s hands before the latter could pull away. “What a lovely…Captain Strong cosplay you’ve got there.”

“I’m here for Virginia,” Strong said. “You know how much she loves things like…this.”

“Of course, how could I forget your wife taking first place at the Nerdicon ’13 cosplay contest!” said Greg. “Best Tardis costume I’ve ever seen, I truly believed it was bigger on the inside. What is she this year?”

Strong delicately cleared his throat. “Wonder Woman,” he said.

“Oh!” Terra said, swinging her head around and pulling her jangling hood around to match. “Golden Age Wonder Woman, Silver Age Wonder Woman, Digital Age Wonder Woman, TV Show Wonder Woman, or DCEU Wonder Woman?”

“TV Show. She…loved it in high school.”

“How revealing,” Sherwood Greg said. “I would have thought Ginny a Golden Age purist, for sure. Still, my compliments on your costume, Captain. Very authentic.”

“This is the closest thing to a costume I have in the house,” said Strong. “I wear it once a year, it’s expensive to clean, and if I actually had to fight in it, I’d be dead.”

“I hope you’re not here on duty, though,” said Terra.

“Come now, Terra,” said Greg. “As a great man once said, e’s always on duty.”

“I have the night off, actually,” said Strong. “Lucky to get it, too. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, we’re stretched pretty thin on drunk patrol for the whole dang weekend.”

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